My fascination with how colors, patterns, textures and light play against each other has drawn me to the medium of glass. Glass allows me to use all these elements to develop brightly colored images to tell a story or evoke a feeling. Sometimes the stories or thoughts are personal or based on nature, but they can also be fragments taken from stories I have read. Through my personal experiences, I draw on moments in time where I have experienced life’s emotions or transitions. These perceptions are developed into designs or illustrations to convey that moment. When an idea is formed from a story I have read, I interject a personal ingredient to make the story my own.  

The influence of architectural rendering and drafting techniques are emerging in my illustrations with the use of weighted lines and shading detail. Using powdered frit glass I am able to create flowing illustrations with depth of color and freedom of design. The images are created as line drawings which are traced from the reverse image onto a clear sheet of glass with a paste of powdered glass. I use a strong black line as the primary outline for the major parts of the image. I use thinner lines often with color to add secondary features and accents. The image is then filled in using mixed colors of powdered glass to achieve the desired depth and shade of color. When all color is filled in, a coating of clear or white powder is layered to entirely cover. This is then fired in the kiln to a lower temperature to tac the glass together before the image is then turned over and fully fused


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