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Thanks for all your eye candy could hardly stop looking at everything beautiful.
-- Kjell Enquist, 2/17/20

I would be interested in a class in which you describe and better yet demonstrate how you achieve such detailed designs with color separation using frit. I might go north for a show as well, in the Puget Sound area. Thanks.
-- Jacqueline, 11/5/13

Your work is beautiful and so organic looking! I LOVE all the patterns and shapes and textures!
-- Emily, 6/28/13

You continue to amaze!! Love your new Topo series. The color blending is awesome.
-- Donna, 5/2/13

Beautiful website, filled with beautiful art! Elegant and fine. Congratulations!
-- Kimberly, 3/13/13

I LOVE your website!! It's exciting to see pieces I've purchased AND to "window shop" for future pieces.
-- Pam , 3/10/13

I LOVE it! It's fabulous and a wonderful display of all your creations. Congrats. I will be able to keep up on your newest works.
-- Mary, 3/3/13

-- Judy Fallow, 3/3/13

I am so excited for you and I LOVE that I get to see all of your beautiful pieces in one place. I look forward to all the changes and updates!
-- Rebecca, 3/3/13